Berga Recycling specializes in the purchase and resale of large quantities of recycled materials on a global scale. We buy and sell batches of fibers (paper and cardboard), rolls (paper and plastic), as well as batches of recycled plastics and metals to sorting centers and processing businesses, both commercial and industrial.

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The commercial import of large quantities of recycled materials into Canada is subject to various federal laws and regulations. The same applies to commercial export to other countries. As experts in international trade logistics, Berga Recycling provides businesses with a comprehensive service that streamlines their transactions to the fullest extent possible.

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We are excited to share our extensive knowledge of the recycling industry with businesses, whether they are actively seeking practical solutions or in the planning stages. We assist them in understanding, discovering, and harnessing the economic and ecological potential of their recyclable materials.

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Berga Recycling ensures that organizations have access to suitable machinery to produce higher-quality and larger quantities of recyclable materials. We install specialized recycling equipment in sorting centers and commercial & industrial enterprises.

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